Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Festivities

We had some fun Halloween festivities this year! What fun it was to dress up Fischer for his first Halloween. I'm sure he'll look back and give me the "mom why did you make me look like such a dork'" but what can I say!

We of course couldn't forget the puppies in the Halloween festivities. So here is Tilly (fairy) and Tucker (devil) these are Uncle Glenn & Aunt Jamie's dogs.
And of course Bailey had to get all dressed up in her horse and rider consume!
Gma and Grand-dad bought Fischer a pumpkin shirt and matching socks.
A pumpkin Fischer size!
I had to post this, I caught him mid smile! :)
Gma and Grand-dad brought over a BIG pumpkin and colored it to match his shirt!
And last but not least, Fischer's actual Halloween costume. He was a giraffe and a stinking cute one at that! Grammy, Papa, Uncle Glenn and Aunt Jamie all came over to help pass out candy to all the neighbors.
He's so adorable! :)

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