Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blake's off to fight a wild land fire

Blake in front of the water tender in Williams.

Blake left last night to go help fight the Twin Fire near Williams, AZ. This fire started as a control burn of 800 acres that got out of control Friday due to high winds. Right now he is on structure patrol, which means they are protecting people's homes. There are predictions of rain this weekend so that will help the fire fighters help fight this fire. Let's pray for rain and no winds!

When Blake goes off and does things like this it always reminds me why I married him. What an amazing husband I have. He has a great heart to help in whatever way he can, whether it's helping strangers or his own family. Leaving this time was a bit harder than in the past. Fischer and I are going to miss him a ton! :) But i'm so thankful Fischer has such a great dad as a role model. I love you Blake!

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