Sunday, August 30, 2009

We are home!!!

It feels so good to finally be home! We can finally start to get settled in and get everything organized. But when I say we I mean Blake and my family! I'll be sitting comfortably on my couch watching them put everything away. Since I can't go upstairs we'll have to do a bit of adjusting with keeping everything stocked downstairs. Fischer does have quite the nice set up in our bedroom for sleeping so that is nice.

When we first got home all we could do was stare at Fischer. God is truly amazing. He is an amazing creator. We have a perfect little son that he has chosen us to be the parents of. We are blessed and honored to be his parents.

Going Home.......?

What an adventure it's been. We are hoping to be going home today. It's now day 4 and I'm starting to feeling more and more better. Day 1 was like a whirlwind. We were up for a total of 37 hours so it was hard to know what time or day it was. My adrenaline is what kept me going because my body was pretty warn out. We were able to get a pretty decent night's sleep the first night which helped us finally get our day and nights squared away. Friday was pretty hard but being on morphine helped! :) Needless to say I didn't get up very much. It was so nice to have visitor's to come support us and see Fischer. Saturday I still wasn't feeling too much better but with the help of some drugs getting up was easier. Saturday was pretty relaxing which I think helped. When Fischer was weighted Saturday night he now weighs 7 lbs 6 oz, so he has lost a little more weigh than they would like to see so he is getting a little bit of formula after his feedings. But he is doing great. Blake is the best husband and father. He is taking care of 2 patients and doing an amazing job. I have yet to change his diaper :) Blake is getting some good experience with swaddling and changing diapers! I'm ready to tackle being at home and be able to just be in my own house. Thankfully with all our friends and family Blake will have help taking care of me and Fischer for the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm gonna pull a Jack Bower and 24 this sucker

So much has happened in the last 24 hours I will dispense with the flowery language and just give you the straight poop.

5:00pm - Alison is admitted to the hospital with some mild cramping for about 17 hours
6:30pm - Alison is given Cervadil to help speed things along mild cramping continues
11:30pm - Contraction increase in pain and intensity


12:02am - Alison is progressing well. Cervadil use is discontinued
1:42am - Alison gets an epidural
2:44am - Alison's water breaks. Nurses are concerned about the amount of blood
3:17am - Dr. Holeman is called in, Nurses cannot get the bleeding to stop.
3:31am - The decision is made to rush Alison into an emergency c-section
4:18am - Fischer Charles Robinson is welcomed into the world (8lbs 3oz and 20.5in long)
~ 5:00am - Alison and Fischer moved to recovery
~7:30am - We are moved up to room 3412 for the remainder of our stay

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let the Labor Begin....

We arrived at the hospital at 5:00pm thinking that Alison would receive Cervadil (a drug to help the labor process along) and we would be able to go home until sometime tomorrow morning. Apperently that was incorrect information. They admitted Alison and we are here for the long haul. The next time "we" leave this hospital, the "we" will be three.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The night before labor, and all through the house....

It's a strange feeling scheduling the arrival of our baby boy. Until today I haven't really put myself in Alison's shoes and tried to imagine what she must be going through at this point. While I have been blissfully ignorant and not thinking to deeply (unconsciously on purpose) about the gravity of the situation. I think that it would have been easier on her not knowing when he was going to arrive. I don't believe that she will get much sleep tonight. Either way, I have a new found respect for my wife and am in awe of what she is going through. Everyone keeps telling us that our lives are about to change forever. I say, bring it on! And, its about time! And, I can't wait!

Week 40

So last Friday August 21st was my official due date. In hopes of helping get this little guy we have been walking, walking and doing more walking. We had Lance and Amanda over for dinner on my due date. So Amanda and I decided since it was so overcast that we'd go for a walk down the street. On our way back home, when we were about 20 mins away is started POURING!!! The rain was coming at us from one side so as you can see we were completely drenched on one side of our body. What commitment my sister in law has to help get Fischer out.

Yes as of today I'm 4 days overdue. I decided last week that this week I would go ahead and start my time off work. Blake is also on his 4 days off so we figured we'd enjoy these last couple of days together just the 2 of us (well 4 of us if you include the puppies). So we have just been relaxing and hanging out together. Tomorrow at 5pm we will be heading to the hospital for me to be induced. This whole thing will be new to us so we are excited and a little nervous to see how it goes. So what will be weird is that when we leave here Wednesday afternoon knowing that when we come back home we'll have our little guy with us. But for my peace of mind I'm excited to know that there is an end in sight because right now I feel like I would be pregnant forever. Blake will be bringing his laptop since the hospital has free wireless internet. So he will be updating our blog and facebook as much as he can!!! So stay tuned!!! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Matthew 4:19

Matthew 4:19 
"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and  I will make you fishers of men."

We are naming our little boy Fischer Charles Robinson. Charles is a name that is on both sides of our family. My dad, grandpa, great grandfather and so on have been named Charles Bennett. Then on Blake's side his grandpa and great grandfather on his dad's side were named Charles Robinson. We only felt that we should have that name as our little boys middle name. We want him to carry on the family heritage with the Charles name. Then I bet you are wondering how we found the name Fischer as a first name. It was a name that Blake found and when I first heard I didn't like! I immediately voted it down. But then for some reason the name kept being brought up and the more I heard it the more it grew on me. Then Matthew 4:19 came to both our minds and we have been praying that our little boy will be a fisher of men. So now we just wait until we get to meet Fischer face to face! We now have the letter's up above his crib. In one frame after his name we have Matthew 4:19 typed out and then in the next frame is a picture of some boats that Blake took while we were Italy. 

This is the picture that is in the second frame above Fischer's crib. We just love this picture that Blake took in Italy and only found it perfect to hang in his room. 

Jessica's Baby Shower

Jessica is due a month after me. We have had the opportunity to share in being pregnant during the summer. We have been support for each other. Jessica and her husband Nate are having a little girl named Avery! We are very excited to be having kids so close to each other. We hope they get to grow up and be friends! Jessica has looked so amazing during this pregnancy. 

Here's a cute belly picture from my baby shower! 

Here's a cute picture of our bible study girl's at Jessica's shower. (Minus Kerri and Bri who weren't able to make it)

Monday, August 17, 2009

39 Weeks

Yep 39 weeks!!!! My due date is Aug 21, which is THIS Friday! I honestly never thought I'd make it this close to my due date but here I am still pregnant. The perks of being this close to my due date is that we have had plenty of time to make the nursery perfect and make the house absolutely ready for our little boy. I really can't think of many more things that need to be done around the house, which is a first! So of course Blake will update everyone as often as he can when the activities actual start.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Praying for the Miller Family

A dear friend and co-worker passed away yesterday. Bill Miller was the director of our marriage ministry here at Scottsdale Bible Church. Bill and his wife Susan volunteered in the counseling and marriage ministry for 17 years before he joined the SBC staff. He truly was an amazing man of God. He had the the most welcoming smile every time he saw you and always took the opportunity to say hi and check in to see how things were going in your life. He will be missed but is now rejoicing with our Lord and Savior. He ans his wife were married for 45 years. He has 2 children and 6 grandchildren. My prayers go out to the Miller family!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

What to write to my son

So I'm sitting here trying to think of what to write my son in his baby book. I get a whole page all to myself to write my thoughts & wishes for him. So where do I get started? Talk about writer's block. I feel like I have such much to write but just can't figure out how to put it into words that will fit on this page. Blake also gets his own page in this baby book to write our little boy a note. I started my page by adding a picture that shows how much his mom and dad love him! 

So I finished! Here's the finished page. I just told our son that he has already been a blessing to our family and that we have and will be praying for him. I told him that I pray that he will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18)  and that he may grow to find His word more precious than much pure gold and sweeter than honey from the comb (Psalm 19:10). 

As you can see Blake will have to write on his page. 

38 Weeks

So I'm now in my 38th week. It's kinda hard to believe that it's gone so fast. I'm still feeling so great, aside from the heat which makes me hot all of the time. I really can't complain as to how easy I've had it. Blake and I are very excited to meet this little guy. 

Monday, August 3, 2009

The waiting game begins!

Now in the last few weeks of this pregnancy the waiting game begins. 

Will my water break? 
When will my contractions start?
Will I be at work or at home when this all happens? 

So yes now I just sit back and wait as patiently as I can for the excitement to start. Work has been super busy which has been such a blessing during my 5 days a week that I'm there. Some days it feels like I just got there and then in the blink of an eye it's already time to leave! Which I'm not complaining about in the least. Blake has been working his little bum off to get everything done on his to-do list that I gave him! He is just about done. Thanks Babe! I've had my mom up to our house a few times to help me clean and organize, which makes me feel much more settled. So now are bags are packed and we sit and wait. Blake and I have been trying to enjoy our time together after I get home from work since we know shortly it will no longer be just the 2 of us. So now we wait...