Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Noah Paul Suppanz

I didn't think I would be blogging about Noah Paul Suppanz for another couple months. Jamie went into the hospital yesterday morning after she hadn't felt Noah move in a few days. They were able to find his heart beat but started to figure out that he was in distress. So the doctor decided to do an emergency c-section to get Noah out. He was born at 11:26am 9/21/10 weighing just 4 lbs, 2 days shy of 33 weeks. He is so precious and is already adjusting so well. He's in the NICU and will be for awhile. Jamie is also doing well considering everything she went through yesterday emotionally and recovering from a c-section. Noah is so precious! We are so excited he has joined our family. Blake and I are so excited to become and Aunt and Uncle again! Who would have thought that Fischer's, Lily's and now Noah's birthdays would all be within 4 weeks of each other. I see some busy summers in the future for us!
We love you so much Noah!!! You are such a blessing to us already!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fischer's Birthday

On Fischer's actual birthday Blake was working at the fire station. So my parents came over for breakfast and then Fischer and I drove up to the fire station to have lunch with Blake. And then it was back home to bake Fischer's cake for his birthday party and get together all the other last minute details. We decided to start a fun tradition that if Blake is working on Fischer's birthday that we will drive to the station to hang out with him.

His birthday gift from Gma and Granddad.
His favorite part of the gift was a fish like the one uses in swim class.
Hanging out at the fire station
It was a busy day but so much fun! I'm glad we got to spend at least part of the day together as a family to celebrate Fischer's birthday.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lily Mae Robinson

Lily Mae Robinson was born 9/10/10 at 10:30pm. She was 8.2oz and 20 inches long. Amanda ended up having a c-section because Lily's heart rate was too high and then too low while she was pushing. So after many hours in the waiting room we finally got to meet the precious Lily Mae around 11:30pm. Amanda and Lily were doing great while we were all there in the recovery room with her. There was something so special about the moment we found out I was an Aunt and Blake was an Uncle. The love that we instantly felt for Lily was so amazing and special. We can't wait to spoil her rotten! :) She is absolutely perfect. And I can only image the fun times we will have together when Fischer and Lily (and future Noah) will get to grow up together.
We love you Lance, Amanda and Lily! :)