Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall Events

We had a very fun and busy fall. Fischer this year really liked pumpkins. We had quite the collection here at the house. He would arrange, roll and carry them all around the house. Warning this is a long post, I wasn't lying when I said we had a busy fall.

Blake, Fischer and I all got to experience the McDonald's Ranch for the first time (yes living here my whole life I had never been). Of course the day we picked was super hot but we all had a good time. Fischer enjoyed the horse/mule hay ride to the pumpkin patch. Being the little boy that he is crawling through the pumpkin price sign was his favorite part. He would shove his pumpkin through and then crawl through himself to get it. Silly boy! When we went inside the petting zoo Fischer only wanted to be next to the pig. Not sure if it's just because he likes to make the oink oink sound or what but he kept going back to this pot belly pig.

We also got to go to the Desert Botanical Gardens for their pumpkin festival. Avery and Fischer enjoyed running around the pumpkin patch so much so we couldn't get them to stay still for anything so we got some pretty funny pictures. While we were there we went and saw the butterfly exhibit. Fischer and Avery were so good about not trying to touch the butterflies and loved watching them fly around.

At the very end of our day as we were just finishing up lunch, Fischer and Avery were running around with some older kiddos, well Fischer wasn't paying attention and ran right into a rod iron chair. He hardly cried which was surprising once he ran over to me because he instantly had a big goose egg under his eye. This war wound ended up being a pretty good shiner that last a couple of weeks.
And yes who would have thought we could have still gone to a splash pad at the end of October but we did. We thought we'd get one more time in before it got to cold. Fischer's favorite splash pad in Scottsdale Quarter so cousin Lily came to join in the fun.
This is the second year we have attended the Highland's Harvest Festival. This year Fischer and Avery had a blast. They were able to play games and jump around in the bounce houses. It will be a fun tradition that we can hopefully do every year.

Here is a picture of Avery and Fischer last year at the Harvest Festival!
Fischer also got to paint his first pumpkin this year. Some friends hosted a pumpkin painting event for the kids which they all enjoyed. Fischer ended up with paint everywhere which thankfully came out of his clothes and off the chairs!
On Halloween Blake worked so Fischer and I went to trick or treat with friends. It was the same group we went with last year. Fischer was walking last year but was very slow and spent most of his time in the wagon so this year he was able to keep up with the bigger kids and got the hang of the whole process. He had a great time running around and of course getting candy.