Friday, April 30, 2010


Yes you heard me right, Fischer turned 8 months old. It seems hard to believe. He's gotten so big so fast. I feel like in the blink of an eye I'm going to be typing that he's turning 1. Sometimes I wish I could push a pause button.

Fischer has had a pretty eventful week. He has officially outgrown his infant car seat so we had to get a big boy car seat. Because he's so big yet not 1 yet we had to find a bigger car seat that goes both rear & front facing. And then I also went to get him from one of his naps this week only to find him sitting up in his crib. So he has learned how to pull himself up to a sitting position. So I immediately had Blake lower his crib all the way to the bottom because if there is one thing, Fischer has no fears and I have no doubt that he would have tried to climb out.

So here's Fischer in his car seat as we were leaving the hospital.

And here he is in one of his last rides in this car seat. It was such a tight fit that you kinda had to push in to fit in it! :) HA

He now is...

eating oatmeal, green beans, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, prunes, peaches & bananas

drinking from a sippy cup

rolling all over the place, he hasn't figured out that crawling is quicker

sleeping on his stomach almost every time he sleeps

making more noises than I ever imagined, including a happy high pitch scream (he must be testing is vocal cords to sing on the praise team at church)

in love with cars & trucks, well and pretty much any vehicle that moves and if makes load noises even better

such an easy going boy, he will go anywhere, nap anywhere and do anything with me
He has a smile that just melts my heart! :) Happy 8 month Birthday Buddy!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Afternoon at the park

Today Fischer and I got to spend the afternoon at McCormick Railroad Park with the Bowers. It was so much fun. We got to ride the train, the carousel and just hang out. Zach's 5 year old nephew Sam came in town so we decided the railroad park would be the perfect afternoon to keep him busy. And what better way to end the afternoon than with a scoop of ice cream!

All of us riding the train. Sam decided he wanted to ride in the enclosed box car.
Sam was sweet and took a break from playing on the play ground to come take a picture with us.
The carousel was fun, Fischer enjoyed riding on the horse with me. He liked when it was all the way up at the top because he could see himself in the mirror on the inside.
Thanks for the fun afternoon :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

3rd Annual Robinson Tea

We had perfect weather for our annual Robinson Girl's tea. In the past we have had it in November but this year we decided to enjoy our spring weather and have it in April and it was perfect. It was such a fun afternoon of drinking tea and eating scones. I mean what else does a girl need?! It's always so much fun to see all the fun hats people wear.

My grandma has a few hats from her great-grandmother, they are over 100 years old. And this year she wore another one, it was so beautiful.

Thanks everyone for coming! Get your thinking caps on to find or make your hat for next year.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday

We had so much fun on Fischer's first Easter. Blake had to work at the fire station so Fischer and I started our day going to church. Resurrection Sunday is always such a meaningful service. Worship was such a great time to celebrate together that our Lord has risen. After church we had to get Fischer and Avery together for an Easter picture. Fischer being such a good friend let Avery chew on his chew toy during the pictures.

Then we went over to the Place's house for a yummy potluck. This is a tradition we have been doing for quite awhile. It's a good time of fellowship and relaxing outside enjoying the great weather we have right now. This year there were 4 new babies (next year with the other new additions to the Robinson family the kiddos are going to bunk up in rooms together). Fischer got to open his Easter baskets from his grandparents. He got some fun new toys and clothes. He had such a good & eventful Easter morning that he took a 3 hour nap while we were there, tired boy!!

Our Easter family picture!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blake's Skiing Trip

About a month ago the guys went on a ski trip to Durango. They all had so much fun. Most of the guys snowboarded but Blake and a few others skied. Blake is a GREAT skier and as you can image in a group of guys they all were doing jumps and crazy things. But thankfully wearing helmets is in style so they all were wearing them! :) Blake being the tech savvy guy collected all of the video footage and pictures from the trip made a short video. He did such a good job I wanted to brag about it and post it for all to see.

My new venture

So I decided I wanted to start sewing again. I took a sewing class about 3 years ago and LOVED it! We made everything from clothes to pillows to bags. So for my next birthday after that sewing class I got my very own sewing machine. It's something I've always secretly like to do but never really made the time to do it. So needless to say my sewing machine has spent most of it's life in my closet. When I was little I used to use my mom's sewing machine and make clothes for my dog, yes my dog!! HA So now I'm finding time to do it and I'm really enjoying it. Here is my first big project that I finished. Since Blake lost all that weight a year ago he had a stack of t-shirts in our guest closet of firefighter shirts he's collected from all over. Every place we travel he likes to trade or get a fire shirt from the local department. He didn't want to toss these shirts but since they were too big and couldn't wear them, I thought perfect...I can make a quilt. So as a surprise to him I started making this before Christmas and then finished to shortly after that (it's just taken me awhile to blog about it). So if you've seen firefighters shirts they usually have a their local emblem on the front of the shirt and then a bigger picture on the back. I wanted to incorporate both of those parts of the shirt in this quilt. So I took the little emblem and sewed them in the corners of each square. It was like a giant puzzle because not all shirts had something on the front and back. But it was so much fun. Blake loved it so much he wanted to take it his station and use it at work. But with all the hard work that went into this I couldn't part with it, selfishly I wanted to show it off at the house. So to compromise I told Blake I would make him another quilt to take to work with him that he can use at the station. So he brought my home 20 more shirts (all from his department) to create another quilt. So I'm excited to start this next quilt, I will post pictures as soon as I'm done. I'm going to try another style on this next one because it will need to be washable. So here's a picture of the first one I made! It now resides folded on the side of our couch, the perfect blanket to keep warm.
I also decided that I'm going to re-arrange a little nook area at the top of our stairs as my sewing area. It's an area that isn't be used right now (just has a desk sitting there, which neither of us use) so I'm hoping that by leaving my sewing machine out I will use it more.