Friday, April 30, 2010


Yes you heard me right, Fischer turned 8 months old. It seems hard to believe. He's gotten so big so fast. I feel like in the blink of an eye I'm going to be typing that he's turning 1. Sometimes I wish I could push a pause button.

Fischer has had a pretty eventful week. He has officially outgrown his infant car seat so we had to get a big boy car seat. Because he's so big yet not 1 yet we had to find a bigger car seat that goes both rear & front facing. And then I also went to get him from one of his naps this week only to find him sitting up in his crib. So he has learned how to pull himself up to a sitting position. So I immediately had Blake lower his crib all the way to the bottom because if there is one thing, Fischer has no fears and I have no doubt that he would have tried to climb out.

So here's Fischer in his car seat as we were leaving the hospital.

And here he is in one of his last rides in this car seat. It was such a tight fit that you kinda had to push in to fit in it! :) HA

He now is...

eating oatmeal, green beans, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, prunes, peaches & bananas

drinking from a sippy cup

rolling all over the place, he hasn't figured out that crawling is quicker

sleeping on his stomach almost every time he sleeps

making more noises than I ever imagined, including a happy high pitch scream (he must be testing is vocal cords to sing on the praise team at church)

in love with cars & trucks, well and pretty much any vehicle that moves and if makes load noises even better

such an easy going boy, he will go anywhere, nap anywhere and do anything with me
He has a smile that just melts my heart! :) Happy 8 month Birthday Buddy!

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