Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy 6 Month Birthday

Fischer is 6 months old today! Yep you heard me right, 6 months old!! I know I can't believe it either. Time has gone by so fast. What I'm having the hardest time is that this means in another 6 months he will be a year old, and that just seems unimaginable. And if the next 6 months go as fast as these last 6 months have gone than I better start planning now for his 1st birthday!!!! haha I'm loving this stage that he is in. His personality is really starting to come out, he acts like such a little boy. And I can't do a post without pictures, so here's some pictures starting from just a few hours old to today.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Anniversary Dinner

Blake had to be in class most of the day on our anniversary so I decided it would be easiest if I cooked dinner and we hang out at home. Blake bought be this super fun cookbook for Christmas called "Chicken". It's a whole cookbook filled with recipes that include chicken. I'm in love with it, ever since Blake's diet we are huge chicken fans. So I decided to branch out and make a chicken tomato bisque soup and then sweet and sour chicken. It turned out sooo good! I know werid but I had to take a picture of our meal. And for dessert I made our favorite confetti cake topped with confetti icing!! And to follow tradition we used our champagne flutes from our wedding (but we had wine in them this year ha).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our 4 Year Anniversary

Today is our 4 year anniversary! It's hard to believe that just 4 years ago today we were spending the day with our friends and family at the Orange Tree Golf Resort. It's fun to think back about all the events that happened before and after the wedding. The day before our wedding all the ladies spent the day get massages and relaxing at the Camelback Spa and Blake says he can't remember what the guys did (it obviously didn't make a big impression ha). Then we all met up at The Chart House for our rehearsal dinner. I still hadn't finished all of the seating cards so after dinner Amanda and I went back to our townhouse to get those suckers done. I remember we were both so tired that Amanda fell asleep on the floor in the office as we waited for them to finish printing. HAHA But of course it being the night before our wedding I couldn't sleep that well anyways, I was way to excited.

The day of the wedding us ladies got ready in a suite at the resort. There is nothing more exciting then when a girl puts on her wedding dress the day of her wedding. I still remember the moment! I'm not gonna lie sometimes I think about getting my wedding dress out of the preserved box it sits in to put it on just one more time.

Our wedding went perfect. I mean there were those moments of things not going exactly as planned but I didn't care as long as at the end of the day Blake and I were married. I wouldn't want to change anything that happened that day. It was a fun day of celebrating, eating, talking and tearing up the dance floor with our friends and family. Here's our photos if you want to look at them.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

We had a busy but fun Valentine's weekend. It started Friday night with our Pastor Larry and his wife Gina having all of the couples that he has married over for dinner for our annual Valentine's night. It is always such a good time of fellowship. It's such a blessing to all of us couples to know that our Pastor and his wife are always there for us and are intentional about spending quality time with us. Each year it's fun to see the group grow, this year there were 3 new babies and then Zach & Mara were the newest married couple. We of course had to take a group picture. (Fischer was asleep in their guest room when we took this picture and Lance & Amanda weren't able to come last minute)

Then on Sunday at church they had every couple who has had a baby in 2009 and 2010 come up on stage for a special blessing. There were 18 babies born at our church in 2009 and so far in 2010 can you believe it? We were there for both services so in between the services they hosted a breakfast for us so we could sit and talk together. So it was fun to start are Valentine's morning at church celebrating with all of our friends and new babies.

Fischer got some fun, special Valentine's gift from both grand parents. He absolutely loved this big stuffed bear.
Now I have to brag about my husband. He had planned such a special surprise. He had coordinated to have his parents come over to our house to watch Fischer while we went out for dinner and a movie. I had NO idea!! When his parent showed up at our house I totally thought they must have been on our side of town and wanted to just stop by to say hi. So not really thinking anything I sat down (I was in my sweats) and started talking to them. Then that is when Blake told me we were going to dinner and a movie. He took me to Chili's (one of my favorite restaurants) and then we went and a saw Valentine's Day. It was a cute, funny movie. It was so special because this was our first date night just the two of us since Fischer was born. We normally don't to do much for Valentine's Day because our anniversary is just a few days later, so needless to say I was so surprised. So to remember the night even though it was just Chili's I wanted to take a picture after dinner.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl 2010

I wasn't really cheering for a specific team this year in the Super Bowl since the Cardinals were out pretty early. But always looking for any reason to have friends and family over we decided to host a little super bowl party at our house. Who doesn't want to just sit and munch on yummy food and watch funny commercials for a couple of hours? My favorite commercial was an E-Trade commercial with those cute babies.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How can we forget so fast!

Fischer is 5 months old and how is it that we have forgotten already how little he was when he was born. Last week when we went to the hospital to meet little Cody Place it made us reminisce about our little boy. When we were holding little Cody we joked that if felt like we were holding air! HA Fischer just had a 5 month shot only appointment last Friday and they weighed him and he's now 17.7 lbs. Can you believe it?!?! He officially has doubled his birth weight! It just amazes me that he has grown so quickly. Just when he hits a new stage I feel like it can't get any better but yet it does. We still have many more first's to experience in his first year. Since time doesn't stop (sometimes I wish it did) we are trying to treasure and enjoy every moment.

1 Week Old
5 Months Old
As a side note you will probably see more posts like this because I'm learning about myself that I like to look back and see how much Fischer has changed. Maybe this is something common with all mom's or maybe it's just me. But there is something so special to me to see how God is growing our little boy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Uncle Blake & Aunt Alison!!!

Doesn't that have the best ring to it?!?! Uncle Blake and Aunt Alison!! I think it does! We are so excited for Lance & Amanda. Amanda is due September 15th, just a few weeks after Fischer's birthday. We are so happy for them and know that they are truly going to be the best parents. And the best part is that Fischer and his cousin are going to be so close in age. Oh all the fun times we will all have ahead!
And yes she did choose to be pregnant through the summer but coming from experience it's not that bad. We will just have to carry on our tradition of lounging in the Tramonto pools. Last summer while I was pregnant we would pack up our coolers (with non-alcoholic drinks of course) and meet up at the Tramonto pool almost nightly. I can't wait :)