Sunday, February 7, 2010

How can we forget so fast!

Fischer is 5 months old and how is it that we have forgotten already how little he was when he was born. Last week when we went to the hospital to meet little Cody Place it made us reminisce about our little boy. When we were holding little Cody we joked that if felt like we were holding air! HA Fischer just had a 5 month shot only appointment last Friday and they weighed him and he's now 17.7 lbs. Can you believe it?!?! He officially has doubled his birth weight! It just amazes me that he has grown so quickly. Just when he hits a new stage I feel like it can't get any better but yet it does. We still have many more first's to experience in his first year. Since time doesn't stop (sometimes I wish it did) we are trying to treasure and enjoy every moment.

1 Week Old
5 Months Old
As a side note you will probably see more posts like this because I'm learning about myself that I like to look back and see how much Fischer has changed. Maybe this is something common with all mom's or maybe it's just me. But there is something so special to me to see how God is growing our little boy.

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