Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Uncle Blake & Aunt Alison!!!

Doesn't that have the best ring to it?!?! Uncle Blake and Aunt Alison!! I think it does! We are so excited for Lance & Amanda. Amanda is due September 15th, just a few weeks after Fischer's birthday. We are so happy for them and know that they are truly going to be the best parents. And the best part is that Fischer and his cousin are going to be so close in age. Oh all the fun times we will all have ahead!
And yes she did choose to be pregnant through the summer but coming from experience it's not that bad. We will just have to carry on our tradition of lounging in the Tramonto pools. Last summer while I was pregnant we would pack up our coolers (with non-alcoholic drinks of course) and meet up at the Tramonto pool almost nightly. I can't wait :)


  1. Oh I'm going to be rockin' that pool like a champ! Love you guys! Our baby is so blessed to have such amazing family!

  2. Yeeeeeya!! :) love you sisters!