Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week 40

So last Friday August 21st was my official due date. In hopes of helping get this little guy we have been walking, walking and doing more walking. We had Lance and Amanda over for dinner on my due date. So Amanda and I decided since it was so overcast that we'd go for a walk down the street. On our way back home, when we were about 20 mins away is started POURING!!! The rain was coming at us from one side so as you can see we were completely drenched on one side of our body. What commitment my sister in law has to help get Fischer out.

Yes as of today I'm 4 days overdue. I decided last week that this week I would go ahead and start my time off work. Blake is also on his 4 days off so we figured we'd enjoy these last couple of days together just the 2 of us (well 4 of us if you include the puppies). So we have just been relaxing and hanging out together. Tomorrow at 5pm we will be heading to the hospital for me to be induced. This whole thing will be new to us so we are excited and a little nervous to see how it goes. So what will be weird is that when we leave here Wednesday afternoon knowing that when we come back home we'll have our little guy with us. But for my peace of mind I'm excited to know that there is an end in sight because right now I feel like I would be pregnant forever. Blake will be bringing his laptop since the hospital has free wireless internet. So he will be updating our blog and facebook as much as he can!!! So stay tuned!!! :)

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