Monday, August 3, 2009

The waiting game begins!

Now in the last few weeks of this pregnancy the waiting game begins. 

Will my water break? 
When will my contractions start?
Will I be at work or at home when this all happens? 

So yes now I just sit back and wait as patiently as I can for the excitement to start. Work has been super busy which has been such a blessing during my 5 days a week that I'm there. Some days it feels like I just got there and then in the blink of an eye it's already time to leave! Which I'm not complaining about in the least. Blake has been working his little bum off to get everything done on his to-do list that I gave him! He is just about done. Thanks Babe! I've had my mom up to our house a few times to help me clean and organize, which makes me feel much more settled. So now are bags are packed and we sit and wait. Blake and I have been trying to enjoy our time together after I get home from work since we know shortly it will no longer be just the 2 of us. So now we wait...


  1. We can't wait to meet him, and I can't wait for you to not have to be so hot all the time! (and to have a glass of wine together again!)

  2. You are going to be the best mom Alison! You are so calm and laid back, even with all the changes a baby brings, I know you will meet them with joy and patience. I can't wait to meet sweet baby Fischer!