Sunday, August 30, 2009

Going Home.......?

What an adventure it's been. We are hoping to be going home today. It's now day 4 and I'm starting to feeling more and more better. Day 1 was like a whirlwind. We were up for a total of 37 hours so it was hard to know what time or day it was. My adrenaline is what kept me going because my body was pretty warn out. We were able to get a pretty decent night's sleep the first night which helped us finally get our day and nights squared away. Friday was pretty hard but being on morphine helped! :) Needless to say I didn't get up very much. It was so nice to have visitor's to come support us and see Fischer. Saturday I still wasn't feeling too much better but with the help of some drugs getting up was easier. Saturday was pretty relaxing which I think helped. When Fischer was weighted Saturday night he now weighs 7 lbs 6 oz, so he has lost a little more weigh than they would like to see so he is getting a little bit of formula after his feedings. But he is doing great. Blake is the best husband and father. He is taking care of 2 patients and doing an amazing job. I have yet to change his diaper :) Blake is getting some good experience with swaddling and changing diapers! I'm ready to tackle being at home and be able to just be in my own house. Thankfully with all our friends and family Blake will have help taking care of me and Fischer for the next couple of weeks.

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