Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You've Been Initiated Uncle Glenn

Welcome Uncle Glenn you have been initiated to the club! This club is only for a select, special few. And you know once you are apart of this club you are LOVED! Uncle Glenn has was over at our house the other night and of course wanted to hold Fischer. Fischer was just sitting in his lap so happy and very content. Uncle Bus (Lance) was giving Uncle Glenn a hard time about how Fischer was going to poop on him. And yes we all got a good laugh at Lance has he was joking with Glenn. Well little did we know it would soon come true. Poor Glenn was sitting there the whole time thinking how abnormally warm his lap felt but not really thinking anything about it, he didn't say anything aloud. So after a bit I grabbed Fischer to go change his diaper. Well needless to say Fischer left Uncle Glenn a nice warm present. Fischer had a MAJOR blow out in his diaper that left Uncle Glenn with a lap full of runny poop. Now not only was his lap full of poop, it had gone up Glenn's shirt too! Uncle Glenn had offically been initiated to the "I've been pooped on" club. As I said only a select, special few will get to be apart of this club, but once apart of this club you know that Fischer LOVES you! :) I can say that I am apart of this club, and just in case I might have forgotten about already being in this club Fischer has initiated me several times. (Blake loaned Glenn one of his shirts, so he didn't have to sit with a bright yellow stain to remind him of had happened, just in case you were wondering)

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