Monday, October 26, 2009

An Unwanted House Guest!

Looks like a fun spring wreath, right?!?!? This is the wreath that I've had hanging on my front door all spring.

Well if you take a close look you will see a HUGE nest that a Cactus Wren spent a few weeks making. Now this nest started at one side of the wreath and ended on the other. It consisted of string, tree branches, fabric and all sorts of other little things. This little bird built herself a nice warm tunnel inside this nest. And no this is not the first time a bird has built a nest in this wreath (you'd think I would have learned the first time).
And being the forgetful me, I opened the door the other night and guess it! This little bird flew right inside our house. With Blake not being home I of course freaked out! Birds are cute from a distance, up close all I could think of nasty bird poop and disease.
So after flying all around our front room, hitting walls this guy finally landed on our car seat base sitting on our front table. (at this point all I could think of was to grab the camera since I had no idea how I was going to get this guy back outside)
Then this adventurous, scared bird flew upstairs and was just walking around on the floor. Thankfully it didn't poop on the carpet (that would have been nasty to clean up).
Can you spot the bird in this picture? Yep he landed in a basket of dried roses on top of a desk we have upstairs. So how did I get this bird out of the house you ask? I grabbed a towel and decided to follow this bird around the upstairs. This bird flew into one of our guest rooms and landed on a chair that just happened to have a blanket draped over it. So once this bird landed on the blanket I quickly tossed the towel on top of him. So then holding all sides I ran as fast as I could downstairs and right back out the front door to the sidewalk. I dropped everything hoping he would fly out but nope. So I carefully lifted up the towel and to my surprise I didn't see the bird. I started to question myself, wondering if I had even caught the bird. And not more than a few seconds later I felt this bird start crawling up my arm. Umm yeah I don't do good with wild things touching me so I screamed and started flailing my arms around. (I must have been pretty loud because my neighbor came out to see what was going on) And thankfully the bird flew away! I did check and there were no eggs in this nest so I made the decision to toss this wreath away. Since this is the second time a nest has been built in this wreath (and yes the first time there was a nest in there the bird flew in the house too, but he was smart a flew right back out after a few minutes). So thank you mom for the pretty wreath but sorry it had to go!

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