Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ok so I have to admit that I stole this cartoon off a friend's blog (Thanks Bri). But when I read it, I couldn't help to laugh and realize that has been my life since Fischer was born. I also have to admit that had I read this cartoon prior Fischer I would have said, no that would never happen to me. But boy would I have been wrong. It's amazing that I get excited to have eaten breakfast before 11am and lunch before 3pm. And even more excited if I can shower sometime in there! HA Fischer will be 6 weeks old this week and I am getting more adjusted to life as a Mother. I'm still no where back to normal, not that I really know what normal looks like anymore. But something that I would never trade for ANYTHING! Motherhood is something I never imagined to be what it has been, but it's something way better than I every could have imagined. God is truly amazing in the way He created it all. I love it all! :)


  1. HA! You're going to have to buy a bigger planner! Of course it only works if you find the time to write in it but then there's that little problem of having to remember that you have a planner to write in!

  2. I LOVE this! There is so much joy in this new life of yours! Here's to a new definition of "normal"! :)