Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm a big boy now!

So sorry that I have been slacking on my blogging. I was having a brain freeze on ideas to write about. But as usual I can ALWAYS write about our little boy! He is getting so big and changing so much. We are having so much fun everyday hanging out together. He now smiles all of the time and he will follow me walk around the room. I'm loving every minute of it. So here's an idea of how our days go. Fischer is getting up around 8am. We hang out and play, then he goes down for a nap from 10am to 11am. He nurses then we usually go for a walk with one of the puppies. The weather has been so nice that I can't stay in the house all day. Then he naps from 12:30 to 2pm. He nurses and then we do some play time on his mat and get some tummy time in, which he's not a big fan of, but we gotta do it anyways. He then naps from 4pm to 5pm and then nurses. He's then up until bed time which he usually in his crib by 7:30pm. A few weeks ago we started putting him down for his naps in his crib upstairs. He didn't even seem to notice. Then this last Sunday we made the official move of him sleeping up there at night. The first night Blake and I didn't get much sleep at all. Our ears were glued to the monitor. It definitely took a bit to get used to listening for the monitor instead of having him right there in our room in his pack and play. Moving up there at night was no big deal for him. He actually has been sleeping soooooo good. He's in his crib by 7:30pm after he nurses and then the past two nights he slept until 5:45am one day and then 6:45am another day. I could hardly believe it, that's over 10 hours. He usually get up around 4:30am for his feeding so we'll see if he's just going through a phase sleeping that long. He's such a big boy! I'm trying to soak in every moment I get with him.

Here's a stinking cute picture of him smiling with one of his favorite toys.
He's a big fan of his play mat, especially his green octopus.
Everyday we read together. Sometimes more than once a day but usually right before bedtime. This is one of his favorite books the Adventure Bible Storybook.
We always take one of the puppies with us on our walk. I think they are loving getting out of the house too! As you can see Bunker was a little tired after this walk.
I couldn't help but to take a picture after our walk one day!
Yeah, I'm a big boy in my crib! (No his PJ's don't always match his bedding ha)

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