Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Eskimo Joe's Family

What is Eskimo Joe's you ask? Eskimo Joe's is a restaurant in Stillwater, Oklahoma near the campus of Oklahoma State University. But it's not just any restaurant, it's one of the most popular burger joints in OK. With the OSU campus being dry and this restaurant being just off the campus of OSU it is VERY popular. This restaurant was also featured on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives for serving the coldest beer. So in Oklahoma when people think of OSU they also think of Eskimo Joe's. With both Blake's mom and dad graduating from OSU and Blake going to OSU for a semester the Robinson family has a TON of Eskimo Joe's pride. As you probably already know since the Eskimo Joe's shirts are worn frequently by the Robinson men. And I have to admit I have this shirt in probably 3 to 4 different colors (it was a requirement to own a few of these shirts to take the Robinson last name haha). And not to mention everyone in the Robinson family also has Eskimo Joe's cups in their cupboards. But I can say that I have eaten at this restaurant. I traveled back to OK with Blake's family one year before we were married and we of course had to eat at this place. It is a great burger joint!

So of course when Blake's parents found out I was pregnant they bought Fischer a few shirts. And they also bought us matching Eskimo Joe's shirts. So we had to take a picture of us as a family all wearing our matching Eskimo Joe's shirts. Blake would like me to mention that the color was not of his choosing! :)

So to make things even more cheesy Blake and I brought our Eskimo Joe's t-shirts on our honeymoon so we could get a picture of us in them in Jamaica. We had intentions of sending his photo into them because in the last page of every catalog they post pictures that people send in of families wearing their shirts in different parts of the world, but we never did. :) As I said we are an Eskimo Joe's family!!

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