Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Festivities

We had fun this Thanksgiving! We spent Fischer's first Thanksgiving at my parents house with my grandparents, brother & aunt. We cooked TWO turkey's, my mom cooked one in the oven with all the goodies inside and then Blake fried one in our turkey fryer outside. Oh how I just love this holiday. You get to eat way too much food and have a good excuse, well just because its Thanksgiving is a good enough reason for me! Then we went to Amanda's parents house (Sam and Carol Jackson's) for dessert, live music and a fire in the fire-pit. It was fun to get to see the rest of Blake's family for dessert. This was also the first night we put Fischer down for bed somewhere else than home. He did so good! He fell right asleep and was such a trooper when we woke him up to drive home. This is one of many time's we'll be doing that this holiday season!

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