Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Other Robinson's Start a Blog

Just a few weeks ago Lance & Amanda Robinson started their own family blog. So I can now say that half of the Robinson family is now blogging! To be honest Amanda is the one that helps keep me current with my blog posts so I know she will be a great blogger. 
Blake and Lance are not only brother's but best friends. They really have such a special relationship. It was truly awesome to marry into a family that care so much about each other. And then just when things couldn't get better I ended up with the BEST sister in law Amanda! Amanda and I have known each other since jr high and became really close friends in high school. Amanda and I then roomed with other through the last 3 years of college right up until I got married. It really was fun to be dating brother's while being roomies!! HA She is an amazing best friend and sister in law. I love you Amanda! :) Welcome to the blogging world (I'll still need someone to help keep me current with my posts)! So check them out under "Our Friends"


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