Monday, June 1, 2009

Celebrating Amanda's Birthday at the Lake

This last Saturday we went to Bartlett Lake to spend a nice day away celebrating Amanda's birthday. So Lance, Amanda, Blake and I left early in the morning to get the boat out in the water before we met some good friends out there. We'll little did we know it but we forgot the boat keys at Lance and Amanda's house! So after getting all the way to Bartlett Lake we realized that the keys were no where to be found. Thankfully our friends Tammy and Eric were able to stop and pick up the spare keys from Amanda's parents! So for the first hour and half we sat in the parking lot at the lake. 

The guys (Eric, Blake, Lance)

The girls (Alison, Tammy, Amanda) and Eric 

Blake and I :)

Blake and Amanda chilling in the parking lot, yep the parking lot

Lance, Alison, Blake sitting in the parking lot

But once we got out on the lake it was a very fun day! Blake and Amanda got some good wake boarding in even though the water was pretty choppy. It was another great day out on the lake! Happy Birthday Amanda! :) 

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  1. It looks like you all had fun at the lake! Gotta love the "diaper"!