Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday

Sunday was Bunker and Bailey's 3rd birthday! We have had them since they were 1o weeks old. Brent and Dianne picked them up from the breeder in Nevada while they were on a road trip. (what great in-laws) They are brother and sister. We had picked out Bunker from a picture on the internet and when Blake's family got to the breeder they couldn't pass up Bailey. Bailey gave them her classic google eyes and so they had to take her home too. I remember the first night we got them! They were so small and sweet! My favorite memory of them from when they were puppies was when they were small enough to sit on the guys chest, which we called the shelf! The puppies would sleep there for hours!!! I can't believe that we have had them for 3 years! They have become a major part of our family and we can't image living without them! And we can't wait for our little boy to grow up with them. 

This is me and Bailey, Blake and Bunker the first night we brought them home! We were living in our condo at the time. 

So this is Bunker. He's the best bird dog. He picked up the hunting thing from the get go. Around the house he's the lazy one. He sometimes acts like a goof ball but he's the one that listens the best. He is one dog that is eager to please us! 
So this is Bailey. She has the sweetest face, which sometimes gets her in trouble. She knows that she has the sweet face and uses it to her advantage. She will try anything twice just to make sure you aren't just joking when telling her No. She basically acts like a princess! 

This was taken before their first bath. 
From the beginning they love to be next to each other all the time. We still find them sleeping in the same bed at night. 
Yes, they were a little bit destructive as puppies! They would get into anything they could. 

Yes they even have their own stockings for Christmas!
Now they love taking baths. Well basically they love anything that involves water (pool, lake, bath).

Bunker & Bailey love their cousin Pana (Lance & Amanda's dog). Bunker and Pana could play for hours on end. Pana never wants to leave when she comes over to visit.

So what can I say! I love my puppies if you couldn't tell :) 

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  1. Oh my goodness! Those pictures of them as tiny puppies are too cute for words! But beware Bunker and Bailey...a new little man is about to take over :-)