Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Baby Boy's First Picture!

We went this week and were able to see our little boy in 4D! We had to have a higher level ultrasound to check up on our little boy to make sure he was healthily developing. Our doctor had a few concerns. And the good news was that he was developing just as he should! God is Good!!! He is a perfect baby boy! So not that I'm biased but he's pretty darn cute! I think he is taking after his dad. I really can't wait to meet him after seeing his 4D image. He was sleeping when his picture was being taken. And on a side note he weighs 4lbs 4oz, which according to this doctor he's measuring a full 2 weeks ahead of what we thought. So either he's going to be a big one or he's coming earlier than we originally thought (personally I'm hoping for that). 

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