Monday, July 6, 2009

No Internet

So I didn't really realize how much I relied on the Internet until I didn't have it for a whole weekend.  All I could think of all weekend was things that I wanted to do on the Internet. I had no idea how much my life and social network relied on some cord that runs into our house from who knows where's and then wireless board casts to my laptop!! Blake was working on Saturday so I planned on spending a big chunk of my day updating my blog, facebook and picasa with all new pictures of fun events that have happened in my life in these last few weeks. Yes I know that I'm sure doesn't sound like a lot of fun but when being 8 month pregnant in the summer leaves me very few other choices of things to do when its 109 degrees outside. So I resort to indoor activities such as laundry, cleaning, watching TV and putzing on the Internet and only venture outside when absolutely required. So I apologize for being such a slacker on updated my blog. I have many new things to share, so check back soon! 
PS Blake was able to fix our internet last night!!! Thanks Babe! :) 

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