Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Baby Shower

I had my 2 awesome sister-in-laws through me the best baby shower!!!! Amanda & Jamie did an amazing job and it was perfect just the way I wanted! Thanks girls for everything. It was so good to just visit with everyone and not having to worry about opening gifts and doing those cheesy baby shower games. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by tons of people that love me and are supporting me through this pregnancy. This is such a special time and I'm so glad I got to share it with my close family and friends. 

Jamie, Amanda and Dianne the Robinson ladies! Dianne, Amanda & Jamie also made all of the cookies, which were so good! 

Mara has been support for me since we first became friends! I love her! 

My grandma that I call Nanny! She has been praying for me since before I was born. It's so amazing to have such a women of God to look up too! 
The high school girls (Sharla and Claire married 2 of the guys from high school, so they are now apart of our group)!  I'm so glad that we still have each other even after graduating 8 years ago. 
My grandma Billie and Mom! It's so special to me that my grandma was able to spend this day with me! My mom also did so much for my shower, I could never thank her enough for everything she has done for me!
These girls from my bible study mean the world to me. We have all been support for each other during so many different stages in our marriages. I'm so thankful to have some of these ladies also be mom's to be there for me when I have questions to ask! God has truly blessed me with these wonderful ladies! 

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