Friday, September 4, 2009

Meeting the dogs

I have to say that it has been awesome to not have been worrying about the dogs in these first few days at home. But we were ready for them to be home so we could adjust to life with them and Fischer. So we had my parents bring them home this morning. We now have a new adventure starting with them at home. They really didn't seem to care about Fischer (the birds in the back yard seemed to interest them more) until Fischer started crying!! They were still so good and just stared, mesmerized at him. We aren't really worried about them, they are very easy going dogs and behave pretty good. So hopefully everyone adjusts well.

The first time they saw Fischer
Our first complete family photo
The first time they heard him cry
We were changing his diaper in our bedroom. Fischer was crying so they were pretty interested in what was happening. They aren't allowed in our room so they patiently waited at the door. Good puppies!!

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  1. i love that they waited at the door! that is so cute! y'all have a beautiful family. pups and all :)