Friday, September 4, 2009

1 Week Old...(well yesterday)

Fischer was 1 week old yesterday. For just being 1 week old on one hand it feels like it's been longer (especially after being up from 12 to 4:30am last night) but then I also feel like it was just yesterday that we were checking into the hospital with anticipation waiting for the arrival of our little boy. Blake & I were actually up yesterday at 4:18am and so we reminisced about Fischer's eventful arrival. And yes of course I cried while just thinking about how amazing our God is. His plan is the perfect plan! Fischer has changed so much already. He has so many new cute faces that he makes and seems to make more everyday. We are slowly learning his moods and things that help sooth him. But we still have so much to learn and each day brings new adventures for us. We are just enjoying every moment we have with him (the middle of the night cring is a little hard to see past at the moment) and know that each phase he goes through only happens once!

Fischer enjoying his swing
He loves to sleep up resting on your legs.
1 Week Old in this pic
Our family photo w/ Fischer at 1 week old :)

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