Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday & Mother's Day Weekend

This past week was my 27th Birthday (yep now I'm considered late 20's ugh) and my 1st Mother's Day. It was a very fun & eventful weekend. Amanda was also graduating at NAU with her Master's so the Robinson/Bennett/Jackson/Suppanz clan all drove up to Flagstaff on Friday for graduation and then spent the night. It was so awesome to watch Amanda walk after all the hard work she has put in these past 2 years in getting her Master's in Counseling. We were all very proud of her! I would post pictures from the great event but I left my camera when we were all taking pictures outside and when we went back to grab it it was gone :( So as soon as I get some pictures from Amanda I'll post them.
So Friday after graduation and before dinner we all came back and checked into the hotel, we thought we'd give Fischer a chance to nap before dinner. As we all sat outside and enjoyed the amazing weather we could hear Fischer talking and playing instead of taking a nap. We'll to our surprise he was actually playing in his poop. Yep he had somehow figured out how to take off his diaper and then with his diaper off he pooped!!! He had poop EVERYWHERE. All over the pack n play and all over him. So clothes in all we stuck him in the tub and slowly started to get everything cleaned up. Boy was that fun to clean up! HAHA His new nickname has become little stinker.

To start my birthday day off we all got up Saturday and went and had the best breakfast in Flagstaff at a place called Mike & Ronda's!! It was so good and a perfect start to my birthday! I also share my birthday with our friend John Anderson (Bri his wife is in my wives bible study) so to celebrate our birthday's we went out to dinner at Benihana's in Scottsdale with some friends. They offer a discount off your bill in the month of your birthday. So in our group of friends we have quite a few May birthdays, so it worked out perfectly. Now not to our server who was shocked when 1 person from each couple had a May birthday and asked for the discount on their bill! Little did Benihana know what was coming when they offered that deal.

Then Sunday was Mother's Day. After church we had our families over to our house for a BBQ. It was a great afternoon of just relaxing, hanging out and watching the Suns game. I really enjoyed my 1st Mother's Day. I love every moment of being Fischer's mom. I couldn't help but to reflect on how much my life has changed (for the better of course) since becoming a mom. Fischer brings such joy and happiness into our lives.

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