Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Baby Boy on the Way!!

This year has been going so fast that somehow I've yet to blog about the newest addition to our family. Our newest little boy should be welcomed into our family the end of December or beginning of January. My due date is January 5th but I'll be having another c-section so we will be able to schedule a c-section date. It will be strange to know a day on which he will be here.

I'm 24 weeks and feeling good. I cherish and look forward to Fischer's nap time. I didn't realize how much I was on my feet while playing with Fischer during the day until now being pregnant. I try and make his nap time my rest time, which usually is me working but at least I'm sitting in one spot. I just got approval to start working out so I have started Turbo Kick which I think has helped me feel better. When I look back the first half of this pregnancy it has gone quickly, I only hope the second half goes just as quickly because so far it seems to be crawling.

We have been talking to Fischer about his little brother, trying to get him aware he soon will not be the only kid in our household. He knows there is a baby in my stomach but beyond that he doesn't really understand what is happening. Which I'm sure is to be expected!! We are working on getting his new bedroom put together. So hopefully in the next couple of weeks he'll be moving into a big boy bed. Then we can start getting the nursery updated.

We are excited to have another boy in the house. I'm sure the noise level will significantly increase along with the number of cars & trucks in our house. But it will be super fun! I hope Fischer is best friends with his younger brother!

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