Sunday, September 4, 2011

10 Year Shadow Mountain High School Reunion

Wait what?!?! My 1o year high school reunion can't already have come and gone! When I got my facebook message about our 10 year reunion I was in denial, I just couldn't believe that I had been out of high school that long. Don't get me wrong a lot has changed in my life since I graduated from high school but when I think about high school I feel like it was just yesterday. And maybe a big part of that is that I still hang out with all the same people I did in high school. They are a regular part of my life (in fact I'm in bible studies with most of them) and all the good times we have had in high school come up often. It is amazing that we are all still friends and all still live in the same town. In fact 2 couples live only minutes away from Shadow Mountain High School so I now drive by my high school weekly.
So to start out our evening we gathered together for a pre-party. We looked at our year books and pictures to reminisce. We all carpooled to the reunion so that we would all arrive together. I know I felt better walking in with a large group than by myself. The reunion had it's awkward moments and it's fun moments. I'm glad I went, it was good to see and talk to people we hadn't seen in a long time.

Here's most of our SMHS crew before we left for the reunion.
Here is all the amazing spouses that came!! They had fun too!
Blake actually asked for the day off work so he could come with me. I was very grateful he was there with me!
The whole crew that graduated from SMHS at the reunion. (Below I posted a picture of all of us on our graduation day)
Here is all the SMHS alumni that attended the reunion. Hard to see but all the girls are sitting in the front row.
I couldn't help finding some old pictures from high school. Here is the whole crew on our graduation day in May 2001. Do you think we have changed much?
This was taken after our homecoming parade our senior year.
The girls on our senior trip in Coronado, CA.

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