Tuesday, December 28, 2010


One thing I'm so excited for is watching Fischer as he grows up with his cousins! Most of my cousins lived in town but we really only saw each other a few times year at holidays. Fischer gets to see his cousins weekly. I know they are all going to grow up and not just be family but friends. Sorry Lily and Noah if Fischer teaches them a few unwanted things, that comes with the territory! I had the opportunity to catch up with 2 of my cousins over the holiday break. Once we all got older and more busy it was harder to stay in touch, well thankfully for facebook we semi get to see what is going on in each other lives. But it was so good to actually sit down over dinner and wine to talk face to face. I love these ladies!! I hope that Fischer has just as many fun memories as I have with my cousins.

The Robinson Cousins!!

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