Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Festivities

Yet again this year Christmas is coming way to quickly. Just this week we got our christmas tree and christmas lights up. Every year since we've been married we have had a artificial tree. It has been so nice to put up the tree early and then leave it up until we find time to take it down (which is always way later than one wants to admit to keeping up their tree). But this year we wanted to make Christmas a little more special so we decided to buy a real tree. It was an adventure but isn't that what makes is so memorable. We are loving having a real tree. The smell of a real tree is un-like any candle you can buy. And we were so worried about Fischer messing with the tree and so far he is not bothering it.
I also took Fischer to go see Santa. I wasn't really sure how he would react to Santa this year. He was fine until the moment I sat him on Santa's lap and walked away then the crying started. Not to blame him, sitting on some scary, stranger's lap dressed in a crazy outfit all alone is not comforting to a 15 month old. We got one picture of him not crying and that was because I gave him some cherrios to eat.
Here's a picture of him last year! He was almost 4 months old (the santa was the same one this year).
The first weekend in December our church had a festival called Deck the Warehouse. It's something they have done every year. This year they had a real horse drawn carriage that went around the Scottsdale Airpark. But the best part was a toddler area they had blocked off with hay bales. I was able to let Fischer run around safely with all of his friends while I enjoyed yummy Christmas treats with coffee. Everyone who knows what a 15 month old is like knows how nice it is to not have to chase them every moment of the day.

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