Saturday, June 5, 2010

9 Month Stats

This past week Fischer had his 9 month check up. And we also had our last appointment with his neurologist at Phoenix Children's hospital. His head is looking good and growing as it should with no other concerns so his doctor told us we didn't have to go back. A HUGE praise! We have one healthy little boy. Here are his 9 month stats:

Weight 21 lbs - 55%
Height 29.3 in - 88%
Head 18 in - 60%

Keeping him entertained while waiting for the neurologist. Our appointment was running very late. But what better way to get a good laugh and some entertainment than with a blown up glove
He wasn't to fond of the taste.

He is loving his swim lessons.
This is why I had to make the crib rail protectors. Now every time I go get him from a nap this is how I find him. He's just so excited of this new found skill. Which of course doesn't just apply in the crib but on every piece of furniture he finds a way to pull himself up.

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