Friday, December 11, 2009

Back to Work

So last week was my first week back to work with my new work schedule. I will be working 10 hours in the office (1 full day & 1 half day) and then working 10 hours from home. (as you can probably tell since my blogging has been slacking) So far it's gone very good. When my maternity leave was ending the thought of working full time, 40 hours in the office put me into tears. I couldn't image being away from Fischer after pretty much spending all day everyday with him for 12 weeks. So after going to my work we were able to work something out with a job share where I'm only working about 20 hours a week. God has been working in my life through this whole experience. He's been giving me a gentle reminder to give Him my whole heart and fully trust in Him with everything that I do. I now have a job that I can work from home part time and be with Fischer which is something I could have never imaged. And when I'm working from the office, He gives me comfort and strength so I can enjoy my time there. So far when I have had to go into the office Blake has been off work. So he is getting some great Father-Son time and loving every minute of it. I get fun picture updates all day. I think it's so special that the two of them are getting some great quality time together. And we are so blessed that if Blake is working my parents or Blake's parents will be able to watch him. God is truly raining His blessings over us right now!

When I get home from work I just want to kiss and hug Fischer as much as I can! He gives me the best smiles when he sees me for the first time after being gone all day.
So here's a picture of what our coffee table looks like when I'm working from home. When Fischer is up he gets to play with his animal friends on his bouncy chair or sit in my lap and stare at my laptop while I work. I get my work all spread out and settle into my space very nicely! It is working so good!

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  1. Are those transfers I see???? :0

    I'm happy it worked out too.