Monday, August 15, 2011

Seattle/Victoria Trip

We were very blessed to be able to travel with the entire Robinson/Suppanz family to Seattle and Victoria, Canada. It was a very awesome week to not worry about work and enjoy being with our family. It spoiled Blake and I a little bit that we got 10 days straight to spend all day together with Fischer. We started our trip by going to Victoria, Canada. Our hotel was right behind The Empress Hotel and a few blocks from the bay. Fischer loved to stand at the giant window and watch the sea planes take off and land.
While in Victoria we traveled to the Batchart Gardens. This was our first big adventure of the trip. The gardens were amazing and so beautiful. Although I do have to say, sight seeing with kids is quite a bit different. Timing the 40 minute one way bus ride between naps and meal times so all kids would be happy or at least not cranky was the first challenge. The gardens were breathtaking but we did walk through them pretty briskly, trying to enjoy the scenery while entertain kids who really could care less about 100's of different kinds of roses. Lots of puffs and cheerios were eaten by all kids. And not to mention 8 adults with 3 strollers trying to read the handicap map so we could avoid steps (which we found was impossible), numerous times we had to all carry strollers and kids down many flights of stairs. Fischer was able to run around in the grass a few times to let out energy which helped. We also found a carousal that Fischer and Lily LOVED. But all in all we survived and were able to enjoy everything as best we could. Fischer even fell asleep on the bus on the way back to our hotel.
The rest of our time in Victoria was spent relaxing and enjoying the great weather. There were some amazing parks just down the street from our hotel, where we took Fischer just about everyday to let him run around. One night we took water taxis to eat on the Fisherman's Wharf. Where we ate at a local place with some great seafood. On our last day there the ladies got dressed up and had afternoon tea at The Empress Hotel. The hotel is beautiful and they host a great afternoon tea.
This trip had a lot of firsts for Fischer. It was his first airplane ride, first ride on a sea ferry and first time being out of Arizona. He was a great little boy and traveled very easily. His favorite part was going to the upper deck on the sea ferry where it was very windy and you got splashed every once in awhile.
The next part to our trip was spending a few days in Seattle. We had never been to Seattle before. It is a very active town. Our hotel was only blocks from the pier and the Pike's Marketplace. We were able to walk to everything. We walked to Pike's Market everyday to get fresh fruit. The fruit was honestly the best I've ever had, so fresh and perfectly ripe. We really enjoyed just walking around the town minus the super hills which made pushing a stroller and 30+ lb kid around a workout.
One day we took Fischer to the Aquarium. Their aquarium was very big. Not only did they have all kinds of fish and huge fish tanks but they also had otters, difference kinds of seals in huge tanks where you could see them underwater and on top of the land. There was a place you could touch starfish and all different kinds of sea creatures. Fischer's favorite part (which we did a few times) was touching all the starfish.
Another day we rode the monorail and headed up to the top of the Space Needle. Seeing the whole town from above was fun. The same weekend while we were there was Seattle's annual Sea Fair Weekend. This meant that all kinds of navy planes were always flying around. The navy also had U.S. Destroyers docked in the pier that you could tour. So while on top of the Space Needle we got a cool view of the airplanes flying around. We really enjoyed Seattle and hope we can go back.

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