Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blogging Vacation

The past couple of months I have been on a blogging vacation. So I don't blame anyone if they decided to stop checking our family blog. In fact I could be writing this and no one will read it. But that's ok I'll still share my heart. Our family has gone through quite a few changes in the past couple of months. And I think speaking for myself I'm finally getting back into a normal routine, Blake would tell you he barley missed a beat. He was able to say good bye to our house and immediately feel at home in our new house (which I completely admired). Our house was put up for auction on January 3rd. So right after Christmas we began to box up our house slowly in preparation for that day. Our house didn't sell at auction they tried two different times so it was reverted back to the bank to try and be sold. We were given the usual 2 week notice and fortunately knew where we were going to move. But knowing where we were going to live didn't making the pack up part any easier for me. Having to pack up 4 years worth of items and memories was tough. But the worst came as we had to do a final walk through of each room before we officially handed over our keys to the bank. Walking into each room and remembering everything that had happened and then looking at it then empty. I even cried walking into the upstairs bathroom remembering Fischer's first bath and how we got to watch him grow from using a bath sling to being able to sit up all by himself. As hard as it was I constantly kept reminding myself to keep an eternal perspective. These physical things weren't what mattered but it was our family and memories that we will take with us wherever we live. So fast forward 2 months later and we are getting settled into our new rental home. The house (was built in 1952) needed quite a bit of work but with the help of family the house is looking better and better. The to do list is still quite long but little by little we are crossing things off. Not having a dishwasher or disposal has taken a little bit to get used to but that too will eventually get fixed. The back yard is to die for! It is HUGE! And the dogs and Fischer are loving the open area to run around in. Oh and not to mention this house was the house my great grandparents lived in, it's still strange to me to think that I'm living in a house where I grew up coming over for sleep overs with my great grandparents. I will post pictures soon. Not blogging has been eating at me, obviously not enough to blog in these past couple of months but has just been lingering in the back of my mind. At the end of 2009 I was able to print this awesome book for all my blogs and pictures and ever since I promised myself I would do that every year as an easy way to follow our family. So I'm going to now finish up my posts from 2010 and the beginning of 2011. Nothing like posting about Christmas in the beginning of March! HA So read down if you want but I promise I'm back from my blogging vacation!!

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