Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So now that our little boy is over a year he's officially starting toddlerhood. Toddlerhood that sounds so old to me. I can't believe that in a few days he'll be 15 months old. He's growing and learning so much each day. It's amazing the joy we get watching him learn each new thing. We've been on some fun adventures in the past few months, gone hiking, gone to the zoo, went up north for a few days and just had some good fun hanging at the park.

Some things that I never want to forget about this time: he knows where his nose, tongue and belly button are, he can clap and give you a high five or head bang, he can hear an airplane and garbage truck coming from miles away, he points at everything and makes this cute sound when he does as if he's saying "look what I see" and he loves to read books (I love to watch him sitting in our play area flipping through pages of his favorite books). He bring us such joy and helps us really appreciate all the small details of life.

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