Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fischer's 1st Camping Trip

Last weekend we all headed up north camping. I can say it was an adventure. For the most part Fischer was a good sport about everything. The last night he decided to wake up about 2am and was not satisfied hanging out in our tent. So this lead to walking him around camp in the pitch black and then loading him up in the car and driving him around for a couples hours so he would get some sleep. We arrived back at camp about 5am after driving around and decided to sleep in the car (with it running) until Fischer woke up. So despite the lack of sleep Blake and I got the last night we had a good time. It was good time to spend with family and friends (even celebrated Dianne's birthday). Blake and I have always loved camping. There is just something fun about being outside, cooking with a camp stove and sitting in front of a camp fire (cooking smores of course). We know Fischer will adjust and hopefully enjoy camping too (because he really doesn't have a choice since we will all be going camping again). HAHA

My dad surprised us and brought a metal bucket so Fischer could take a bath. We heated up the water over the camp stove. Fischer very much enjoyed talking his bath in the great outdoors. With him still crawling and well just being a boy a bath was definitely needed.

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