Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Dresser & Glider

Our new dresser has arrived. But of course not without a story. Blake went and picked up the dresser from the store and had his brother come help him unload it and carry it all the way upstairs. For those who haven't been to our house we have a stair case that turns twice, so needless to say it was a chore getting it up there. Once up and in the nursery and completely out of the box Blake noticed there was a HUGE dent in the back corner. So after a few phone calls to the store they tells us that the AZ Mills store has a non-dented dresser for us on hold and we can come exchange it. So Blake with help has to take the dresser back down the stairs and then drive to AZ Mills. Once arrived at the AZ Mills store Blake asked to see the WHOLE dresser out of the box before loading it up in the car and what does he find but that this dresser has a dent in the back of it. So good thing they had 1 more in stock and that one was perfect! So poor Blake had to once again get this one upstairs. But its now up in the nursery and there to stay for quite sometime! :) So the nursery is coming together, slowly. 

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